Our wide network of multifaceted and carefully selected business partners enables us to meet your demands.

Enabling Market Entrance

  • Fundamental legal requirements

  • Clarification of border, customs- & tax aspects

  • Documentation control

  • Product specific requirements
  • Managing related documents

Product Portfolio and Market Analysis

  • Market analysis and demand determination

  • Definition of target markets according product portfolio characteristics
  • Enable product specific market knowledge
  • Product pricing
  • Evaluate expansion opportunities

End2End Logistic Solutions

  • Organization & steering of all logistics activities (international transportation, warehousing, shipping to end customer)
  • Inventory and replenishment management
  • Customer service management for B2B and B2C

Full Service Distribution Approach

  • eCommerce sales and marketing on Europe’s most relevant online platforms (including Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Check24, among others)

  • Search optimization

  • Dynamic sales pricing

  • Campaign management
  • Product data management

Product Specific Marketing Measures

  • Development of a customized marketing strategy and execution of related activities

  • Product adaption towards market preferences

Brokerage service

With our worldwide network, we also act as brokers connecting manufacturers and buyers for different products all over the world.