Does your company struggle to develop international value for your existing goods with potential?

Are you missing certain products to fulfill your desired market or product portfolio strategy?

GWP Trade is your go-to partner!

Many companies in developing countries have extraordinary products with massive potential to be successful on a global scale. However, just a tiny fraction of these products reaches international markets.

Our experience confirms that these products are solely commercialized in local markets due to the producers’ lack of capabilities to exploit the products’ potential internationally.

The core idea of our company is to realize the full potential of the product by facilitating its entrance in international markets. GWP Trade activities ensure recognition, development and exploitation of potential by enabling SMEs’ competitiveness in a global environment.

Our wide range service portfolio includes market development measures for producers and sourcing alternatives for buyers, among many other value drivers. By applying proven methodologies, an existing logistics infrastructure, production networks and innovative distribution channels, we will find the missing piece to your success.